Accompanying the abundant inventory included with the land and buildings, Lake Obabika Lodge offers even more.

  • Floating docking facilities for 14 boats
  • Outdoor furnishing, pine picnic tables, swing sets, pine lounge chairs, abundance of wooden flower boxes
  • Sun tanning bed
  • Extra down duvets and pillows
  • Tools, fuses, wires, plumbing supplies, stove pipes, coax cable (1,000') 40 gallon galvanized pressure tank, and much more....
  • Two air conditioning units
  • Baseboard heaters
  • 1,000 gallon water storage tank
  • Various batter chargers (50 amp heavy duty 32 bolt, heavy duty and light duty)
  • 2 kW 220 volt transformer
  • 90' steel tower for radio and telephone, private radio telephone system and single private line form Bell Canada with 110 volt transformer unit backup for telephone system
  • 220 volt, 5,000 Watt construction heater
  • Smoke alarms, Konk Airguard control units
  • transportable heaters
  • much more in our complete inventory list

To keep all the vehicles and boats running, there is a fuel gas station pump.
- 2 portable fuel gas pumps
- 2 hand fuel gas hand pumps
- Boat house fuel gas pump with 60' high pressure flexible fuel hose

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