Lake Obabika Lodge


The Main Lodge consists of
The Upper Level Family Quarters, Office and two Bathrooms
The Main Level Lobby, Office, Dining Room and Kitchen
Lower Level Lounge, Games Room and Laundry
The Lobby welcomes and encourages socializing around the fireplace....
The most striking feature is the built in hand crafted seating area along with the Ceramic Kacheloven Woodstove, Coffee tables, Rattan Chairs, tables and chairs,
Electronically equipped with a 21" color TV, a Bell Satellite dish with 2 Satellite receivers, Stereo system and 2 VCRs.

Front entrance to Lodge

The Office

Fixtured with the finest equipment to function at the peak of efficiency. The two offices contain:
Communication Equipment

32 number memory telephone, remote answering system, 2 cellular phones, 5 other telephones, 2-way FM Main station and three 2-way FM communication radios, fax machines and more....
Computer & others
Fully equipped office.
Power Supply and Environmental Control
Voltage regulators, Humidifier, Carbon Monoxide detectors, portable Ozone machines, UPS Power supply...
In addition there is the Furniture
Filing Cabinets, Office Desks, Printer Cabinet, large built in Glass cabinet and Bar cooler

built in Cabinet with Bar cooler and sink


The Bar in the Main Lodge accents the Games Room with its built-in Bar and 7 Pine Barstools, to complement the Pine Flooring, wall covering and ceilings. Wall mounted Animals, Oil Furnace, Piano, Chesterfields and Coffee table and Glass front Liquor Cabinet and Brass Lamps complete the decor.

Built in Bar downstairs in Lodge

Games Room

The Games Room augments the Bar by its Pool Table and accessories, Shuffleboard, freestanding Soccer game and various Table Games, The Floors, walls and ceilings are all finished in customized pine to lend a warmth that you hope to discover in a fine Northern Resort.

Laundry Room

A well stocked Laundry facility

  • Bedding: Sheet Sets, Duvet Covers, Bathrobes, Bath - Hand - Face Towels, Pool Towels, Face Cloths and Bath Mats, Table cloths and Napkins, Doilies....
  • Washers: 1 Admiral Heavy Duty 2 speed Multi program and 1 Whirlpool 2 speed, 6 cycle washer.
  • Dryers: 2 electric Dryers and one heavy duty Propane dryer
  • Water Tanks: 2 Propane Hot Water Tank and 2 Pressure Water Tanks
  • Pressing: Iron Press, Steamer, Commercial Iron Roller, Hand Iron
  • Sewing Machine: 220 Volt Sewing Machine
  • Vacuums: 1 Hypoallergenic and 1 Electra Vacuum both 12 amp, One Dirt devil 6 amp, 3 handheld vacuums
  • Miscellaneous: Various Storage Cabinets, Chambermaid cleaning tools, Staff Shirts, Hand stitched Doilies, Amenities such as Soaps, Shaving Cream....

Family Quarters

The Family Quarters on the upper level of the lodge is comprised of 5 complete bedrooms, a 3 piece and a 4 piece bathroom and Private office - all furnished.


This is not a Kitchen that you would normally expect to find in a World Renowned Resort. It is quaint, well laid out with functional storage space and work space to enchase the pleasure of any gourmet chef. There is outstanding attention to equipment in this kitchen which complements the fine crystal and dinner ware of the Dining Room.
In addition to the usual equipment that you find in every kitchen, you will revel at the following:

  • Microwave\Convection Oven
  • 2 Refrigerators, One Pop cooler
  • 6 Freezers
  • Garland Stove and Grill
  • Dishwasher
  • Coffee Machine
  • Kenmore Outdoor Grills
  • Plate Warmer for 25
  • Various Mixers
  • Shredder
  • Scales
  • Toaster
  • Steamer
  • Deep Fryers
  • Meat Slicer
  • Food Processors
  • Imported special tools, cutters, forms and Bread forms for Gourmet cooking and baking
  • La Cimbali custom-made Italain Brass Espresso Machine
  • commercial Coffee Grinder
  • Commercial Hot Chocolate Machine
  • Commercial Sorbet Machine
  • Ice maker
  • Complete set of Cooking Tools and Dishes including Stainless steel pots and pans,
  • Wok and small tools

Along with various built in hand crafted Tables and Benches, there are an additional 5 tables and chairs, Tablecloths and napkins, vases, carpets and theme related wall decorations. To complement the dining atmosphere there is...

An outstanding Collection of Tableware...

  • Seltman Weiden Dish set (imported) from Austria and Sakura Porcelain Mouton Blue Services incorporating: Soup cups and Plates, Dinner Plates, Salad Plates, Dessert Plates, Coffee mugs and Plates, coordinated pitchers....
  • Crystal and Silver Set imported from Austria including... Jam Glasses and holders, Salt and Pepper, Oil and Vinegar, Crystal Vases and special Wine Pourers with Iron Rod Holders...
  • Blue Hand Crafted Porcelain Wine set also imported from Austria...Wine carafes, wine cups and serving trays for Coffee and Tea
  • Crystal Galore... Martini, Liquor, Cognac, Whiskey (Low Ball and High Ball), Beer, Shot-Glasses, Side Order, Cattail shooters, Decanter Glasses, Wine-Red, white Champagne and port, Punch glasses with carafe...
  • Solingen-Germany imported silver Cutlery - All inclusive set...dinner knives and forks, snail forks and fish knives, soup spoons, coffee spoons, dessert spoons and forks.
  • Various Extras - Espresso cups and gold-rimmed plates, Black Porcelain Plates, Solid Brass Decorative Plates, Fondue sets with special plates...

Picture Gallery Main Lodge

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