Have a green thumb? Gardening is both peaceful and therapeutic. Obabika is beautifully designed and equipped for hydroponic gardening and landscape artistry.
This beautifully constructed building,, of the same fine pine and maple as the other structures, is comprised of two parts:
Approximately 230 square feet of year round greenhouse
Approximately 710 square feet of seasonal greenhouse

Some of the equipment

  • Self watering system
  • Pots for 4500+ plants, 40+ hanging baskets, 60+ growing bags and seeding trays
  • Propane water heaters
  • 12 volt battery bank
  • Fertilizer injector, fertilizers, hoses and pumps
  • Growing room with lighting and propane heater
  • Various hoses, hose cart and pumps, seeders, chainsaws, ladders, misters and foggers, shovels and garden tools, sprayers, lawnmower, wheel barrow, extension cords, wood buggy, lawn sprinklers for the whole landscape.

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